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Hello Members,
So Starting from Now, We will follow an ROI policy to strengthen the system and make it stable for the long term, as we are here to stay. So how it work:
As for starting withdraw rule is same, you can request 10% base on your account balance. 

This rule will help members a lot and is not at all complicated. You can build your account much faster with this feature. You can rent referrals, upgrade to a new membership, and explode your earning potential. Also once you want to withdraw you can deposit again to reap much more profits.

How to boost 10% to 100% payout, ways is very simple:

OPTION1Each 1$ deposit you increase payout for 2%, so for each 1$ you invest you will increase payout, if you invest 50$, you can request 100% payment
OPTION2 OFFERWALL BONUSS=> for each 5$ you increase payment for another 10%!
Let's make example: base payment is 10%, you earn in offerwall 5$ and increase payout for another 10% this is total 20%

This bonus is valid for next 30 days, then will reset to base bet! If you earn in offerwall another 5$ in this period it will automatically increase to 30%....

share payment proof to all required forum and make positive review( roi will be increase to 100% for next 10 day) 
integrate our offerwall and activate it to your site(
roi will be increase to 100% until you will have activated our service in your website)
bring 500 active DR each month
roi will be increase to 100% for next 30 day)

bring 100 exchanger, that will make exchange at least 5 timesroi will be increase to 100% for next 1 year, 25 DR and 25 RR free, 10000 PTC ads credit for promoting on our website)
bring 100  investor, that will make invest min 50$ roi will be increase to 100% for ever, 50 DR and 50 RR free, 2500000 PTC ads credit and banner credit for promoting on our websiten, FREE REVSHARE1 mebershi plan)

Max payment for standard member is 5$!!

All the best!!
Zetpay.eu Team

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