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Published on Oct 29th, 2022 06:40 am

Dear members, 

Today we started with new service and integrate our very new PTC ROI % for members who use our service and member who promote us and use our very new PTC offerwall service

Here is a rule how this servce works: 
1. As standard members who are using our service we add 10% ROI per $ deposit using our payment processors.

Let's make an example how it work:
if you invest 10$ the PTC ROI% will be increased by 100% all ads including bonus ads for next 1 year. This is great to also for promoting to boost your earning faster!

2. We also give speacial pack for PTC offerwall user  for every $ you invest ads will be increase for 1% for you and user on your site, where you have integrated our PTC offerwall. Is great way to boost your earning and also bring more user on your website. 

For members who promote our new service we give also 100% referral commision on every ptc offerwall ad, that has been click as PTC ofefrwall integrated for first year.


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