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Sep 09th, 2023 at 05:48

Dear our users, at first we would like say thank you everyone to support us! By today we upgrade our service to new server and implement some new way of earning.

As you already saw we start with our new project call like zetpulse offerwall and implement it to our website.

Why we recommend you join in this project:

As user we guarantee give you a profit,
we give you 100% cashback on any website that support Paid to click ads if you invest and not received payment within 30-40 days
we give you up to 10% cashaback on any purchases via our partnes
monthly giveways

Payment method:, paypal, amazon giftcard, airbnb giftcard, booking giftcard

With us you can travel for free, we provide you cashback also for traveling and much more

As promoter:
Earn 35% offerwall commision
earn 50% commision for sharing our offerwall service to other

As website owner:

-         Guaranteed daily visitor

-         Active members

-         Guaranteed investor

-         You can apply for loan if you paying all our members and other benefits

Just visit our new platform and integrate to your website

We remove upgrade plans, increase min payout to min 2$ and no max!

As upgraded our system we also need protect us, so please do not panic!

We added frozen balance options in all member's accounts and all main balances balances moved into frozen balance. (only old Funds moved into frozen Mode)

How to recovered hold/frozen balance!

Hold balance recover automatically with your deposit.
get your deposit 50% hold balance in your main balance.
For example: if your deposit is $1 you will get $0.50 additional in the main balance from the frozen balance.
we added a frozen balance only for stability and security for start with our new system!


Other option to recover frozen balance:

-          For each 2$ in our new zetpulse offerwall you receive 2 $ additional in the main balance from the frozen balance.

-         win in our weekly offerwall contest and receive additional 100% from hold balance base on your winning

We also recommend our exchange servicewith very low fee:

Sending fee is just 1.5$ fixed fee withdraw fee  is just 2.5% as low as possible and all payment will be proceed almost instantly or max 2 days include paypal and wise

Earn 5% on any referral exchange and tons of other benefit

Our all changes are applied and these all changes only for stability. we are here for the long term.
we need to add some rules for stability.

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